updating copyright information in lightroom

Well the new year is almost a month old and if you've been lucky enough to get out and about with your camera, you'll probably have noticed that you forgot to update your copyright information in Lightroom when you started to import your images afterwards.

So let's dive right in and change the copyright settings!

1. In Lightroom, go to the Metadata menu (in the Library module).

2. Select Edit Metadata Presets.

3. Select your current (2018) preset from the drop down Preset menu.

4. Edit the date to 2019 under the IPTC Copyright panel.

5. Click Done.

If you are creating a copyright preset for the first time, simply enter the details as per the screenshot opposite and save it under a new name. e.g. JH_2019



To get the copyright symbol on Mac or Windows, use the shortcut below.

Mac: - Option + G

Windows: - Alt+0169

On some Windows laptops without a numeric keypad, Alt+0169 won't work without pressing either the Fn or Ctrl butoon as well. If neither of those work, then you can copy the copyright symbol using the Character Map.

Once you've created/updated your copyright metadata preset, don't forget to select it in the "Apply During Import" panel.

Change Metadate Presets.png
Apply during Import.jpg