resize for dpi

Every camera club who host competitions for digital images will want images resizing to the fit the aspect ratio of their projector. As such images need to be resized correctly for them to display correctly on the projector. Yet, you ask any competition secretary and every month there will always be one or two images that aren't resized correctly. After talking with our club competition secretary last year, he suggested that members try using 'Fit Image' in Photoshop; an almost foolproof way of resizing images for club competitions.

USING 'FIT IMAGE' - image to be resized to 1400 x 1050px

1. Open your image in Adobe Photoshop

2. Go to File | Automate | Fit Image

3. Enter the Width as 1400 and the Height to 1050 in the popup window

4. Tick the box that says 'Don't Enlarge' and click OK

5. Go to File | Save As and save as per the naming convention stated in the club rules for digital competitions. 

Fit Image.jpg
Fit Image 3.jpg